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Engage with Nature

MindShift Products

Always have camera gear within reach with MindShift's rotation180° Professional camera backpack.

rotation180° Backpacks

rotation180° Panorama
EUR 219.99

rotation180° Horizon.
EUR 289.99

rotation180° Professional
EUR 434,99

rotation180° Professional Deluxe
EUR 559.99

rotation180° Trail
EUR 199.99

rotation180° Travel Away
EUR 219.99

FirstLight™ 20L/30L/40L
of EUR 257.99 up to EUR 369.99

BackLight 26L
EUR 279.99

of EUR 134.99 up to EUR 223.99

Moose Peterson V2.0
of EUR 223,99 up to EUR 389.99

TrailScape 18L
EUR 189,99

SidePath 14L
EUR 111,99

from EUR 18.50

rotation180° Accessories

Attachment Straps
EUR 18.50

Top Pocket
EUR 36.99

Tripod Suspension Kit
EUR 53.50

r180º Pro Photo Insert
EUR 66.99

r180º Panorama Photo Insert
EUR 49.99

r180º Panorama Rain Cover
EUR 21.99

Other Products

Filter Nest
EUR 49.99

Contact Sheet
EUR 44.99

Filter Hive
EUR 61.99

Lens Switch Case
EUR 47.50

UltraLight Camera Cover
from € 33.99 to € 44.99

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