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Tripod Suspension Kit

Do you need your tripod extended and ready to shoot but you’re sick of carrying it by hand? So were we! The Tripod Suspension Kit allows hands-free mobility and instant accessibility to your tripod. Custom aluminum hardware attaches the tripod to your shoulder harness with a set of easily adjustable straps. (Included with rotation 180° Professional Deluxe)

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EUR 53,50

Product Features

Compatible with r180° Professional, r180° Horizon, r180° Panorama , FirstLight 20L / 30L / 40L, BackLight 26L and UltraLight Dual 25L / 36L 

High strength custom spring gate aluminum attachment clips

Adjustment straps let you photograph while "tethered" to the tripod

Tripod Collar strap can be fixed on most tripods

Gear Profile

The Tripod Suspension Kit was designed to hold much more weight than you would want hanging from your shoulder straps! With the tripod collar buckle doubled back and securely attached to your tripod, the two adjustable straps will easily hold the weight of a large tripod, and if desired, a pro body and lens up to 70-200mm or more. Of course, you will want to be certain the camera is mounted properly on the tripod and use both straps to stabilize and balance the load. Lighter camera bodies and lenses will naturally be more comfortable to carry in this manner. Other items that you want to carry hands-free can easily be clipped directly to the straps.

What's Included

  • Two adjustable connection straps
  • One Tripod Collar Strap


How to Attach the Tripod Suspension Kit

How to Attach the Tripod Cup and Secure a Tripod


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